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JOE-WHAT WE ARE BUILDING from Copenhagen Fashion Summit on Vimeo.

Based in New York, Resonance is a company that enables designers to create a business that is as beautiful as their creative vision. Designers and creators transfer ideas and sketches to Resonance, which then takes charge of all business operations from the raw materials all the way to the customers’ doorsteps. As well as aiding with the production, brand strategy, development, marketing finance and commerce, Resonance aims to provide these services in ethical and environmentally friendly ways.

One of the company’s aims is to show that garments can be produced at the same speed as fast fashion brands, whilst having a much lower impact on the environment. To do so, Resonance uses technology and AI demand triggers to make products available to customers within a matter of days. The company owns its own factory, manufactures to demand using sustainable fabrics, and has no minimums. This makes it easier to produce garments over a short amount of time without these having negative impacts on the environment.

A brand partnering with Resonance is given the tools and team to create digital prototypes through the Resonance platform, and within seconds is able to see new swatches or versions of the designs instantly. These can be made and sold in as little as one unit, in response to customer demand. Resonance then takes care of everything else: brand, commerce, people, technology, operations, product and material and delivery. This is called Resonance Full Stack Fashion.

Resonance has put in place various techniques in order to be able to offer this service. For instance, the company only orders blank rolls of fabric for the production of their garments, with no colours or prints on them. The fabric can then be used for any garment, and the print or colour is added for each item. As a result, there is no surplus fabric, thus less fabric is wasted and less water and chemicals are used for printing and colouring. This also means that no minimums are required for materials or production, seeing as the materials are only used and printed on in accordance to each design. The company also makes sure that all materials used are harvested and renewable, to ensure minimal environmental impact.

As well as ensuring that the products made are as sustainable as possible, Resonance also simplifies the task for designers: contrarily to the standardised fashion schedule, the process does not require for collections to be planned a year in advance. By working with Resonance, a garment can be designed one day, created the next, and worn by the customer a couple of days later. The made to order aspect results in “no more under produced hits or over produced flops”, as the company states itself.


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